How To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Injury

How To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Work Injury

If you’ve suffered from a work injury due to another person’s negligence, your primary focus should be on receiving medical attention. If you decide to file a personal injury claim, your doctor plays an important role in proving your medical damages exist. Having a medical professional who’s interested in your health and rehabilitation and who’s willing to advocate to the insurance company or jury on your side to support the significance of your work injury is significant.

A lot of patients worry that the medical treatment they require for their injuries may be too extensive and expensive, but worrying about the cost and inconvenience may only prolong your recovery and rehabilitation.

You need to be open and honest with your doctor about how you feel following your work injury. Be prepared to give him or her a detailed medical history of yourself, explain how you got injured, and let them know honestly how well you’re recovering. Make sure they keep detailed notes of your injuries and treatments. Also keep a record detailing the progress of your treatments from day 1 to the present.

Make Sure You Ask the right questions.
Here are some of the most important questions to ask your doctor about:

How To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Work Injury

1. What is the cause of my work injury (or injuries)?

It may seem like an obvious question, but it’s important to have the cause of your injuries documented in your medical records. This will not only help you get the proper treatment for your work injury but will also help support your personal injury case should you decide to pursue legal help to get the compensation you need to recover.

2. What is my diagnosis (what is wrong with me) and prognosis (will I get better and when will that be)?

Your diagnosis is a detailed list of your injuries and medical conditions caused by your accident. Your prognosis is your doctor’s opinion about what will become of your injuries and recovery. Your doctor might not have a full prognosis immediately. He or she may have to wait until you’ve covered your full range of treatment in order to give you a proper answer. If your doctor is unable to answer these questions immediately or you are unsatisfied with the determination, it may be wise to see a specialist or seek a second opinion from another doctor.

3. Will I need more treatment in the future and what will it cost?

Ask your doctor if you may need additional treatment or procedures in the future to ensure you’re taking into account not just current but also future costs in your personal injury claim. Include anything and everything that may need to be done in the future, such as additional surgeries, physical therapy, medication, and additional office visits for follow-up check-ups.

4. Can I return to my job after my work injury?

If not, when can I return? Can I still perform my duties in my condition?

You’re entitled to recover lost wages. If you can’t return to work for a long period of time because your injuries are severe, your doctor needs to be able to explain why in your medical records how long you should abstain from work to recover. If you’re unable to return to work and perform your regular job duties, you may be entitled to more compensation but your doctor needs to be able to explain why you’re unable to.

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