Inadequate Training In The Workplace

Inadequate Training and Workplace Injury

By law, it’s the responsibility of an employer to care for their employees. This includes providing enough training so that employees can be safe. Training also ensures that employees keep their co-workers and others safe in their work environment. When an employer fails to provides inadequate training and an employee is hurt as a result, the employer may be held liable for negligence.  

Inadequate training can result in many serious injuries

Some of which include:

  • Falls  
  • Burns from hot objects or chemicals 
  • Back injuries from improper lifting or inaccessibility to lifting equipment  
  • Electrical shocks 
  • Long-term medical conditions from lack of safety procedures 
  • Other injuries from accidental misuse of tools and machines 

Laws In Place For Workplace Training

Federal and state laws help uphold the health and safety of workers. It’s your employer’s responsibility to give you the right training, work breaks, and safety equipment. If your employer fails to provide these, he/she can held liable for negligence. You can file an inadequate training injury claim against your employer to get the financial relief you need for your workplace injuries.  

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