Learn Why You Need To Document All Of Your Injuries

Learn Why You Need To Document All Of Your Injuries

Injured workers tend to focus on the areas of their bodies that have experienced most of the trauma after an accident. What they fail to take into account are the bruises, minor pains, and scraps that occur.

When filing a workers’ compensation claim, it’s important that you report every single hurt, bruise, and swollen body part – no matter how minor it may seem to you at the time. Your body works as a whole, not separate units. If you slip and fall, you matter shatter your knee but forget that you held out your hands to help ease the impact.

You may report the knee pain but neglect to document the following hand, shoulder, and arm pain that may develop over time from the accident.

Injury reports matter

You need to remember to inform the medical professional that is overseeing your treatment of every ache, pain, and discomfort you feel following a work accident.

This ensures that all of your injuries are well documented and that you’ll be able to seek compensation for resulting medical expenses or lost wages. Inform your doctor that you’d like everything written out in detail.

Hospitals can be busy places and sometimes medical issues aren’t always documented with 100% accuracy. Double-check with your doctor to make sure all of your injuries are clearly described and documented.

Contact a professional workers’ compensation with questions

If you have questions about a new pain or problem that arises after your injury has been reported, it’s best to contact an attorney to help. The workers’ compensation lawyers at The Clardy Law Firm have years of experience and can help answer your questions. We’ll also work with you to ensure that you receive full coverage for your injuries.