Understanding the South Carolina Workers Compensation Claim Process

Understanding the South Carolina Workers Compensation Claim Process

Understand the process of filing a South Carolina Workers Compensation Claim

Workers compensation is in place to provide cash benefits and medical care to workers who’ve suffered an injury or illness at work. Employees who sustain an injury in South Carolina can file for workers comp benefits under a no fault system. A no fault system means that you aren’t required to prove that the employer was at fault to receive benefits for your injuries. The only thing you have to prove is that the injury was sustained in the workplace.


Most, but not all, South Carolina employees can receive workers comp benefits. But there are some exclusions, such as:

  • Railway express or railroad company workers
  • Federal employees
  • Workers of a business with less than 4 employees
  • Agricultural employees
  • Temporary employees
  • Corporate officers

What to do when you receive an injury/illness

Notify your injury or illness to your employer ASAP. If you wait longer than 90 days, you may lose your right to benefits. After your employer is notified, they have 10 days to report your injury/illness to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. The Commission then reviews your claim and determines if/when you’ll receive benefits.

When to file your own South Carolina Workers Compensation Claim

If your employer neglects to file a claim for you, you can file a claim using Form 50. You may also file a South Carolina Workers Compensation Claim if you think you’re not receiving all of the benefits you feel you’re entitled to or if your employer tries to dispute your injury/illness.

For help filing your South Carolina Workers Compensation Claim, contact an experienced workers comp attorney from The Clardy Law Firm for assistance. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve!