South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Settlements

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Most people injured in the workplace in South Carolina are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Injured employees are able able to apply for workers’ comp benefits following their work-related injury. If you’ve suffered from an injury in your workplace, it’s important that you seek help. An experienced workers’ comp attorney can help to protect and preserve your right to proper compensation.

While South Carolina workers’ compensation settlements vary from case to case, there are a few things you can expect when you decide to file your claim.

How Soon Can you settle your claim?

You may file your claim at any point after your workplace injury. You may do so up to the statute of limitations. There are a few reasons why you may want to wait, though. If you’re still receiving medical treatment for your injuries and those treatments are about to end, then settlement may not be the right choice for you. On the flip side, if future treatment is an option, starting your settlement process may ensure you get compensation sooner to cover the costs. Your workers’ comp lawyer will help you understand and choose which settlement option is right for you.

Settlement Approval

A workers’ compensation attorney can help navigate you through your settlement process. This will increase your chances of settlement approval. A lawyer can help you negotiate so you get the compensation you deserve.

When should I hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Finding an experienced Greenville workers’ comp attorney as soon as possible following your workplace injury can help to relieve your burden and allow you to focus on healing. The Clardy Law Firm has represented countless individuals like you who were injured on the job. Call today!