injured worker filling out work injury claim to attain workers' comp benefits and find out their workers' comp benefit eligibility

What Workers’ Comp Benefits Am I Eligible To Receive?

What Workers’ Comp Benefits Can I Receive?

A work injury isn’t something to be taken lightly. Medical bills, on top of lost wages, can quickly become stressful for someone trying to finally move on from an accident. Workers’ compensation benefits are specifically available to help those in need. Through workers’ comp benefits, injured workers can get financial benefits to cover most of the expenses that arise after a work-related injury.

There are typically 4 types of workers’ comp benefits you are eligible to receive:

Medical Benefits

These benefits help workers pay for the medical bills related to their workplace injury. Medical benefits may potentially cover hospital visits, doctor visits, and specific treatments and therapies, in addition to covering medications, rehab, and other related recovery expenses.

Permanent Disability Benefits

These benefits are for workers that sustain permanent physical disability from their workplace injuries. If an employee is unable to return to work and his/her doctor is able to prove that he/she will never be able to work again because of the extent of his/her injuries, he/she may be eligible for these benefits. Compensation differs, depending on the nature and severity of your injuries and individual state laws.

Income Benefits

Income benefits help bring financial relief to those who are recovering. Since many employees are unable to return to work immediately following a workplace injury, they may face lost wages. To make up for these lost wages, income benefits allow employees to receive almost two-thirds of their regular pay each week.

Death Benefits

Death benefits are available to help surviving family members of an employee who died in a work-related accident. The family is usually able to receive about two-thirds of the employee’s regular pay each week, depending on minor children. Death benefits are also available to help cover the costs of funeral expenses up to a certain amount.

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