Prevent Motorcycle Accidents Greenville, South Carolina

How To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are messy. It takes time to learn the warning signs and how to avoid potential accidents that seem to be lurking around nearly every corner. This puts a lot of weight on the shoulders of motorcyclists – who have to rely on other drivers not to be reckless.

There are few things you can do as a motorcyclist to help maintain your safety and awareness on the road:

Wear brightly colored, reflective clothing

Especially at night, your taillights may not be as easily seen.

Don’t weave through traffic

This is not only reckless, it also increases your chances of getting hit by coming up in someone’s blind spot too quickly.

Just assume other drivers can’t see you

In other words, drive defensively. This is especially important when a car is trying to turn at a light and you’re driving straight through. They might not see you, so you need to be aware of that ahead of time.

slow down when taking corners

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the curve is going to be narrower or if another car is going to come barreling up from the other direction into your lane.

Be mindful of the weather

Adjust your driving as needed, go a reasonable speed, and just be cautious that the road could be slicker than expected.

The best techniques for how to be safe on a motorcycle can be learned through a motorcycle safety class. Check your local DMV/BMV to see when they offer safety courses. You can learn from a professional that can walk you through the best steps to take.

Even if you’re the safest motorcyclist in South Carolina, accidents still happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact The Clardy Law Firm for more information on how to move forward with your injury claim.