Avoid Becoming A Distracted Driver By Following These 5 Tips

Nearly everyday hundreds of people are killed or injured in auto accidents attributed to a distracted driver. Drivers like you can prevent these types of accidents by remaining focused and attentive while on the road.

Here are a few tips to keep you from becoming a distracted driver so you can keep yourself and others on the roadways safe:

Put Your Phone Away

One of the biggest causes of distracted driving accidents is cell phone use. Turn off or put away your phone when you’re driving. Even when using a hands-free device, you can still end up a distracted driver trying to connect or maintain conversation.

Avoid Driving When Tired

Drowsy driving can have the same effect as drunk driving and can be almost as dangerous. If you’re feeling tired, don’t drive. If you’re in the middle of a trip, pull over to a safe location (such as a rest stop) and take a short nap.

Keep The Number of Passengers In Your Vehicle Down To A Minimum

Passengers can create a distracted driver by taking your attention off the road. Limit the number of people you drive with to keep yourself less engaged in conversation and ensure you’re not losing focus on the road because of the actions of your passengers.

Don’t Multitask

Most people are fully capable of multitasking but doing so while driving significantly increases your risk of becoming involved in an accident. Avoid the temptation to multitask by:

  • Fixing up your hair, makeup, and getting fully dressed at home or once you reach your destination, not on the road
  • Adjusting your heating, cooling, radio, GPS, mirrors, seats, and anything else before you hit the road
  • Ensuring you have all the toll money you need beforehand (so you don’t have to dig around for change while you’re in the middle of driving)
  • Making phone calls or sending text messages/emails before driving

Ask Your Passenger(s) For Help

If there are passengers in your vehicle, turn to them for help. Whether it’s to send a message on your phone, assist with driving when you’re tired, or finding change for a toll bridge.

If you’re injured in a vehicle wreck caused by a distracted driver, contact The Clardy Law Firm. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys will help get you the compensation you deserve.