Workers Compensation Claim Mistakes

Workers Compensation Claim Mistakes

Common Workers Compensation Claim Mistakes

Not Reporting Your Accident ASAP

If you have a workplace accident, you need to report it immediately. Your chance of receiving a fair settlement decreases the longer you wait.

Avoiding The Doctor

If you’re injured on the job, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor. A visit to the doctor helps to ensure that your injury is treated correctly. A doctor can also provide a paper trail to use as evidence if you need it to support your case.

Not following your doctor’s advice

If your doctor instructs you to avoid heavy lifting or to stay off of your feet, you need to follow those instructions. If your employer somehow finds out that you’re working when you weren’t supposed to be (and are further injurying yourself or preventing your injury from properly healing), they can use that against you. Follow your doctors orders!

If you’ve been injured at work, consider working with a lawyer to file your workers’ compensation claim. Contact The Clardy Law Firm to get the compensation you deserve!