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What to do after being hurt at work

If you’re hurt at work, there are certain steps you need to take so that you can file a workers compensation claim and get the benefits you deserve to recover. Failure to follow these steps may result in your workers compensation claim being denied. Here are a few things to consider when filing your claim after getting hurt at work. If you have any questions or need assistance with your workers compensation claim, don’t hesitate to call The Clardy Law Firm to speak to an experienced workers compensation attorney.

Step #1: Notify a supervisor or your employer of your injury

After getting hurt at work, you’ll want to report any injury (or injuries) to your employer as soon as possible. Within their workplace, most employees typically have about 10 days to report their injuries so doing it right away will lead to a better result for your case. After they receive notification, your employer must fill out paper to the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission. This report is the first step to getting your workers compensation benefits.

Step 2: Seek medical care for your injury

The sooner you seek medical care for your injury, the better. For your initial examination, you can visit the doctor of your choice but be mindful that as soon as your workers compensation benefits are valid, you may need to see the doctor recommended to you through your benefits or your employer’s insurance company. When you see the doctor about your injury, make sure to inform them that you sustained the injury while at work. Describe how the injury occurred and what caused it, your pain level, and if the injury is restricting your ability to work. Ask the doctor to write a note confirming your symptoms and treatment plan. Your doctor can help you on the road to recovery and can help determine if your work-related injury prevents you performing your work duties and can inform your employer of any limitations you may have while you heal.

Step 3: Keep a record of expenses (especially medical bills) and missed work (lost wages)

Depending on how severe your injury may be, you may be out of work for awhile. If that is the case, workers compensation can help cover reasonable medical expenses and lost wages that occur during this time-frame.

Keep a detailed account of the time you have to take off from work due to your injury and all expenses related to your injury (visits to the doctor, specialist visits, lab tests, surgeries, medication, and medical devices like crutches). Keeping track of your medical records and receipts will help build your workers compensation claim and ensure you get the compensation you’re rightfully owed.

Step 4: Consult an experienced workers compensation attorney

A workers compensation lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process of getting your workers compensation benefits. He/she will also be able to help you with the individualized steps of filing your claim and can help you collect evidence to use in your case. In the event that your claim gets denied, having a lawyer by your side will increase the likelihood that your claim is appealed and accepted.

Schedule your free consultation with an experienced workers compensation lawyer from The Clardy Law firm today to discuss what actions you need to take to file your workers compensation claim or what you need to do to have your denied claim appealed to get the compensation you deserve for your recovery.

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