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4 Ways To Lose Your Workers’ Comp Claim (What Not To Do)

When it comes to filing your workers’ comp claim, there are certain things to do and other things you need to avoid. Help protect your legal rights and ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Take note of a few of the things you should AVOID doing when it comes to your workers’ comp claim. If you do these things, you’re workers’ comp claim may be dismissed. Meaning you won’t get compensation when you need it most.

Here are a few don’ts to consider:

DON’T hide your injury from your employer

In South Carolina, you need to give written notice of your injury and details of the accident to your supervisor and/or employer. You need to describe the details of your injury, what parts of your body were affected by the accident, and let them know you need medical attention. Immediately after you sustain an injury, your first step should be to notify your employer about it.

DON’T trust your employer

No matter how long you’ve been employed with them or how much your boss seems to be on your side, do not put your trust into your employer. You have to look out for yourself. Ultimately, it could be your employer’s insurance company that you’ll be fighting against, not your employer himself.

DON’T lie or leave out details

You case relies on your credibility. If it’s found that you’ve lied on any of your workers’ comp claim documents or your story doesn’t add up, your case could be thrown out. This means you may end up losing any benefits you were rightfully entitled to.

DON’T do it alone

It’s dangerous to go alone, so trust The Clardy Law firm to be by your side. Hire an experienced workers’ comp claim attorney to ensure you avoid making any mistakes. You don’t have to fret about doing something that could jeopardize your workers’ comp claim with an expert on your side.

If you’ve been injured at work and are considering pursuing a workers’ comp claim, contact The Clardy Law firm today.