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The Risks of An Untrained Truck Driver

Imagine you’re driving an 18-wheeler and trying to haul thousands of pounds of cargo. Your vehicle is about 16 times the size and weight of the average car. How do you think you’d do without the proper training as an untrained truck driver?

There’s a reason truck drivers need special training and certification before they’re licensed to drive a big rig. The sheer size and weight of tractor-trailers makes them incredibly more difficult to maneuver and even harder to drive safely. When untrained truck drivers hit the road, they present a serious danger to themselves and other drivers. Thousands of people are injured in accidents involving tractor-trailers. 1 out of 8 deaths in vehicle collisions involve a semi truck or other large commercial truck.

Untrained Truck Drivers Are The Cause Of Many Truck Accidents

Companies that hire drivers for commercial and other large trucks are required to train those drivers according to the truck driving Code of Federal Regulations. In addition, most trucking companies need to ensure they’re providing regular drug testing, ongoing training, obtaining background checks, and checking the physical and mental fitness of their drivers. Switching gears, braking, parking, switching lanes, merging, and maintaining the right speed are just a few of the tasks that untrained truck drivers may struggle with.

In addition to the basic requirements for obtaining a CDL (Commercial Driver License), truck drivers also need:

  • Training on how to inspect and maintain their vehicles
  • Instruction on the truck’s braking and acceleration systems
  • Education about the negative impact of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Info on how to maintain good health and receive proper rest and sleep (including training on how to use log books and knowledge of hours of service limits)

Large trucks simply don’t handle as easily as a standard passenger vehicle. An untrained truck driver who doesn’t understand how to properly handle a large commercial vehicle has the power of a potentially deadly weapon in his hands. And it’s the smaller, passenger vehicles that are subject to injury and death most often in accidents. When a truck accident occurs because of an untrained truck driver, someone must be held responsible for the damages that result. In a majority of cases involving an untrained truck driver, the company is the one at fault for not providing enough training and supervision.

Why Don’t Truck Drivers Receive The Right Training

Many trucking companies focus on cutting costs in any way that they can in order to build or maintain a profit. Unfortunately this means that sometimes costs for training their drivers are slashed. The right training and supervision for new truck drivers cost companies money. Rather than investing in experienced, highly-trained drivers with great driving records and training certifications, many companies opt to hire inexperienced drivers. Other companies push drivers to meet unrealistic deadlines. Some trucking companies neglect regular inspections and maintenance on their vehicles to cut costs.

Training is an aspect that most jobs share. Employer are responsible for the training their employees get and the trucking industry is no exception. In fact, because of the size and weight of commercial vehicles, it is crucial that truckers get the necessary training to maintain safety on the roads. Disregarding this training is careless and even negligent. Trying to earn a larger profit is not a good enough reason to cut training or hire untrained truck drivers.

The Trucking Company Can Be Held Responsible For Accidents Involving Untrained Truck Drivers

It’s a fact that untrained truck drivers are more likely to increase the risk of a serious truck accident. Inexperienced drivers simply don’t have the knowledge and training to avoid certain situations that could lead to a wreck. If you’re injured in a large truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. But you must be able to prove that the driver and/or trucking company was responsible.

Our truck accident attorneys at The Clardy Law firm have experience investigating truck accidents. Our team can review trucking company records and driver records and come to a determination as to whether or not inadequate training was the cause of the collision. There’s a time limit to cases and evidence can easily be lost or even destroyed so it’s important to seek legal guidance as soon as possible.

You don’t deserve to suffer. The Clardy Law Firm works with clients to ensure untrained truck drivers and their companies are held accountable for the damages they cause in large truck accidents. Contact us to schedule you legal consultation to discuss recovering compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages.