How to easily avoid vehicle collisions

How to easily avoid vehicle collisions

Vehicle collisions can be avoided.

A safe, defensive driver can ensure that he/she and his/her passengers arrive safely by taking some simple precautions.

Here are a few tips from your South Carolina personal injury lawyers on how to be a better driver:

Maintain awareness

This is especially important now that it’s winter and the weather changes might cause problems. Make sure you have plenty of visibility through your windshield. Know the blind spots on your vehicle and adjust to make up for them. Be careful when merging and turning – stay on the lookout for motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians.

Click before your cruise

Fasten your seat belt! It’s the first line of defence to protect you if you end up in a vehicle collision. Always make sure your passengers (especially children) are buckled up before you begin driving.

Put away the phone

Cell phones are a leading cause of vehicle collisions because drivers are distracted and their reaction times can become impaired.

Your call or text can wait until you’re safely off the road.

Stay Alert

Avoid driving while tired or impaired. Be aware of medications or prescriptions you take that can cause drowsiness or cause reactions that might impair your reaction time.

While you can do your best to be a safe driver, accidents do happen. If you’ve been hurt by a negligent driver, contact The Clardy Law Firm to get the compensation you deserve.