Common Social Media Mistakes With Workers’ Comp Claims

Common Social Media Mistakes With Workers’ Comp Claims

Social Media Mistakes

While a majority of workplace injuries are real, some employees may over-exaggerate or fake injuries to cheat the workers’ comp system. Fraudulent workers’ comp claims are even common in South Carolina, where there’s a no-fault system. Workers are eligible to make claims for medical expenses and lost wages – without needing to provide evidence of injury!

This sort of fraudulence is not only detrimental to small businesses, it also hurts employees who are really injured and looking for compensation. Because it’s become so prevalent in recent years, employers are turning to social media for help.

Using social media to find fraud

Employers and insurers are starting to look through the social media accounts that their employees hold. Many small business employers are “friends” and “followers” of their employees. With a quick scroll, these employers are able to notice suspicious activity. Many employers don’t even need to be friends or followers to search for fraudulent activity, given how many people post pictures and updates publicly.

It may seem strange to feel like an employer may be keeping tabs on you through social media, but employers can use social media as a justifiable means of investigation when an employee is exploiting the company for a fraudulent claim.

Legal Recourse

Small business owners can check to see if employees who are injured are simultaneously posting pictures of themselves exercising, traveling, or performing activities that may prove that they’re not actually injured. Many lawyers warn their injured clients to stay away from social media until they are fully healed.

With enough evidence against the employee’s claim, an employer can seek legal recourse. Photos and posts are hard to refuse in court.

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