Personal Injury Lawyer

Why your Personal Injury Lawyer Should Be Your Best Friend

Having a great personal injury lawyer can be the difference between getting everything you deserve and being left shortchanged. Anytime an injury occurs to someone due to the negligence of a third party whether it be a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall injury, animal bites, whatever – the insurance company of those responsible goes into damage control mode with the intention to make the injured party go away as fast as possible and with as little payout as possible. Insurance companies are beholden to one group – their owners.

Insurance companies aren’t on your side… But your personal injury lawyer is

They are not on your side. But, way too often an injured party will see an offer as more generous than it really is and take a check in order to speed things along. This is the wrong thing to do.

Insurance companies have an arsenal of tools at their disposal which they will use to manipulate the narrative of your story. They will tell you their experts have looked at your case and they are giving you the maximum amount allowable and that you should take the money and run. They’ll say you don’t want to go to court and an attorney would tell you that this is a fair deal.

A good personal injury lawyer doesn’t try to get you to sign on the dotted line ASAP

The truth is a good personal injury attorney would never say any such thing and the insurance company is just hedging their bets that you’ll take the deal. The problem is; if you do take the deal – you’re done. There is no way to undo a settlement once you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Use all of your available resources (especially those available through your personal injury lawyer)

You should have those very same tools the insurance company has available to you – and you do, through your personal injury lawyer.

Your lawyer has his/her own experts; investigators, vocational specialists, economists – all looking out for you and quantifying exactly the amount required to cover your costs and go on with your life. But, most importantly, your lawyer has the experience to know exactly which roads to go down and which to avoid in reaching the best possible settlement figure.

It’s not your fault…

You didn’t ask to be injured, this is not your fault in the least, and you need to be represented by someone who will fight tooth and nail to force the negligent parties to be responsible and pay up what they truly owe for your pain, suffering, loss of work, medical expenses and follow up care.

And you’re not alone

Don’t go it alone, retain a personal injury attorney who will be your advocate and friend though out the whole process. Please contact us today and we will review your case, start a file and start working hard to get you everything you deserve.