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When Is It Too Late To Give Your Supervisor Notice Of An Injury?

Don’t be fooled when the insurance company or your employer tries to trick you by saying that your ineligible for workers’ comp benefits because you didn’t notify your employer of your injury on the same day that it happened. Employees have 90 days following an accident to give notice of an injury.

Although being timely can help support your case. Under South Carolina workers’ compensation laws, you are only required to report an accident and injury to the employer within 90 days of the date of the accident. This 90 day rule can’t be changed, regardless of what is written in your employee policy or handbook. That being said, failure to give notice of an injury within 90 days does mean that you lose your right to recover any workers’ comp benefits.

It’s all too common that employees that are injured at work neglect to give notice of an injury because they think it’s too late. Often, these people are more concerned with getting back to work than taking care of themselves. Sometimes these people are even bullied into thinking that they may be jeopardizing their job. Know that you’re not going to hurt your company if you leave to seek medical attention. Or if you decide to pursue a workers’ comp claim.

Don’t fall victim to shady employers or insurance companies. Know the law. When in doubt, contact your experienced local workers’ comp lawyers to help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.