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Trucks Accidents Due To Log Book Violations In South Carolina

Truckers are often pressured to meet strict deadlines. Not only are they racing the clock, they also need to meet strict regulations outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in a designated Department of Transportation (DOT) log book. A DOT log book contains records from truckers of their activities over the course of 24 hours. Log books must track location and time truckers spend on and off duty. It’s the responsibility of truckers to fill out these log books at detailed and accurately as possible.

Not surprisingly, many truckers lie in their log books about total miles driven, hours worked, and inspections of the operating conditions of their vehicles. And even less surprising is the fact that these falsifications lead to log book violations.

How Log Book Violations Occur

Long-haul truck drivers are often paid by the mile, not the hour. Unfortunately, many of these drivers are unable to receive overtime if they work past 40 hours per week. Some drivers choose to lie about their Hours of Service in order to make more money against this system. Being paid by the mile, any work outside of driving is of no value to the driver. This leads drivers to falsify the amount of time spent performing non-driving activities. With paper-based log books, drivers are easily able to get away with this.  

How To Prove Hours of Service and Log Book Violations

It’s up to the trucking company to review driver’s records and check for log book violations.The ability to prove log book violations can be a basis for a lawsuit against the driver (or his/her trucking company) for negligence. In order to prove log book violations as a cause for an accident, a victim will need the help of an experienced truck accident attorney.

Contact A Truck Accident Attorney For Help

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