How Do You know If you should contact a personal injury attorney?

Should you contact a personal injury attorney?

Negligence is one the number one things to consider when asking if you have a personal injury case. You might be wondering though if this is a good enough reason to contact a personal injury lawyer. Here are a few things to consider before reaching out for legal help.

There are 2 types of injuries that commonly prompt people to contact a personal injury attorney:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries – such as car, truck, or motorcycle collisions
  • Premise Injuries – injuries that occur on someone else’s property. Slips and falls and dog bites are a couple of the most common premise injuries.

You may not know when to contact a personal injury attorney. When in doubt, it’s better to contact one and discuss your potential case. Many cases are time sensitive so it’s better to meet with an attorney sooner rather than later.

Why seek legal help?

If you already have medical insurance coverage, you’re probably asking why you should seek an attorney for your injuries.

Your current injuries may have future consequences that you’re not aware of. An attorney can work with you to recover monies lost from being out of work, lost employment, mental suffering, and potential long term financial difficulties resulting from your injuries.

Your personal injury attorney will be familiar with the type of incident that occurred to you and will be able to ensure that you are more fairly compensated.

Remember: there are statues of limitations on personal injuries. Don’t waste time!

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