write down after a car accident

What you need to write down after a car accident

Accidents happen so fast that victims and perpetrators don’t have time to react in the best light. Words are exchanged, police arrive and witnesses are watching the whole thing unfold. A personal injury law firm will best be able to help you figure out what you need to write down after a car accident to best build a strong case. Our legal representatives recommend the following:

Story of the accident

Write down the gist of the accident, and then write specifics. Specifics include the time, date, weather, people accompanying you and what you were doing there. Get more specific and write down your activity before, during and after the accident. Don’t be afraid to get detailed if you can remember small things that occurred. Our lawyers will ask more specific questions based on the story to make sure every second is accurate.


Continue to write days, weeks or months after the accident.  Pain doesn’t go away in one day so if problems persist, it’s important to know for how long they lasted and to remember what the injuries were like on a day to day basis. What you’ve written will assist with the amount of compensation you can receive for those reasons.  Start with visible injuries – bruises, scratches, bumps, cuts, sores, swelling and infections. Write down injuries that isn’t visible – sleeping problems, discomfort, anxiety, strain, pain and any other things that happened now that didn’t before. This information will help doctors determine if severe injuries – current or in the future – were a result of the accident.


Write down exchanged words you had with the other party verbatim. Don’t worry if they are obscene, just be accurate in your descriptions.  Grab statements and your medical report from medical professionals. Get witness statements, insurance agent statements and police reports too if you can.  These days the conversation about your injuries and case will include phone calls, texts, instant messaging, email and social media. Keeping track of these conversations will help keep the story straight, and avoid confusion, failed memory or obfuscation by responsible parties.


What did you lose as a result of the accident?  Lost work hours, job advancement opportunities, college/school classes, appointments, events, meetings, vacations and other social gatherings you could not do or enjoy because of the injury are just some of the things you need to write down after a car accident.

Part of a good claim is being honest. 

It’s amazing how many people are not honest about what happened at the scene. That is one reason keeping written records is important. A detailed and accurate account of everything will help protect you from any dishonestly. Whether it’s intended or simply innocently in error.

Contact us for more information on what to do after car accidents, or if you think you may be entitled to compensation for your personal injuries. We have helped many people in Greenville, SC and the Upstate area get back on their feet after auto accidents by ensuring they get the money they are entitled to.