The Top 3 Industries That Lead To Workplace Injuries

The Top 3 Industries That Lead To Workplace Injuries

Injuries can occur in the workplace anywhere. But there are some workplaces that are more dangerous than others.


  • Falls from roofs or scaffolding
  • Getting struck by an object (such as lumber or equipment)
  • Electrocution
  • Getting caught or compressed by equipment
  • Being crushed by collapsing structures

These reasons and more are what makes construction such a dangerous industry to work in. Even employees who are safe and cautious in their approach can’t predict when something may fall or malfunction.


Loggers, who harvest large trees, work with dangerous power tools to cut, and transport thousands of pounds of timber are incredibly at-risk.

Loggers are most often injured from:

  • Being struck by falling trees, logs, or tree limbs
  • Equipment malfunction – typically involving chainsaws and heavy machinery


Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Accidents typically include:

  • Vessel disasters (flooding, getting struck by large, damaging waves, and ship instability)
  • Falling overboard
  • On-board injury (getting caught in ropes, wenches, or wires or slip and fall accidents)
  • On-show injury (usually sustained during unloading)

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. If you’re a victim of a workplace injury, contact The Clardy Law Firm for help with your case. Your trusted Greenville worker’s compensation lawyer will help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.