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How to Avoid Jackknifing Your Truck

How to Avoid Jackknifing

Every so often on the news, you will hear about a truck accident where a tractor-trailer jackknifed on the highway, sometimes with fatal consequences. Even if you’re the most experienced truck driver, you can end up jackknifing in the wrong conditions, leaving you in serious danger and making your truck a dangerous weapon. Knowing how jackknifing occurs and how to avoid it can save your life and so many others along the way.

What To Do After a Minor Accident

Fender Bender: What to Do after a Minor Accident

Whether you get backed into a parking lot or bumped at a stop light because another driver isn’t paying attention, fender-bender accidents are a common occurrence. Fortunately, many victims of these minor accidents aren’t injured and get away with only cosmetic damage to their beloved vehicles.

deer collisions

‘Tis The Season For Deer Collisions

Every year, countless motorists find themselves in unexpected and potentially dangerous situations when they collide with deer while driving on South Carolina’s roads. These incidents are not only startling but can also result in injuries, vehicle damage, and legal implications. Understanding what to do when you hit a deer, as well as the legal expectations in such situations, is essential for every driver.

Car Accident Insurance Settlement Offer Is Too Low

What to Do When Your Car Accident Insurance Settlement Offer Is Too Low

So you’ve been in an accident and suffered severe injuries. Chances are that — sooner than later — you’ll be contacted by an insurance adjuster to obtain a statement about what happened. The insurance company will use this statement to determine how much your settlement offer should be. Then, they’ll come back to you with …

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