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What to Do Before Meeting With an Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident and you want to get an accident attorney to help you get compensation, there are a few things that you can do to help your case. Here are things that you should do before you meet with your accident attorney.

accident attorney

Study the diagram from the police

Many times police reports are going to contain drawings made by an officer who responded to the scene. This diagram is going to show the vehicles’ positions. Particularly as they had been about to collide and then when they collided.

Read the police reports

You should become familiar with every part of the report from the police, and this includes any written summary. You will be able to read the officer’s account of the cause of the accident. This includes who he/she believes had been at fault. Police are responsible for ensuring everything that’s in a report is very accurate. Although it may not be everything, it can make a big difference when it goes to court. It can also be a factor in how much money you receive from the settlement

Read the statements from witnesses

Generally, these are taken right at the scene, although they are sometimes taken the next day. They are very important because most the time they are given minutes after the accident happened. They are also very nonpartisan. The people who are giving their statements aren’t going to have any stake in what is decided.

Talk to the witnesses

Names of witnesses are generally on the report from the police, which also includes their addresses. You should always be very professional when you are talking with them. Let them know that you have it filed any kind of lawsuit and you’re trying to get any information that they can provide. A lot of times they are going to be empathetic and be open to speaking with you. It’s not important to record your conversation.

Keep good records about lost wages

Any income you lose will be included as part of the settlement from your car accident. The confirmation of record has to be in the right form to be used in court. This should be on a letterhead from your company and signed by an authoritative figure. This confirmation ought to convey very clearly the wages to have been lost by you since your accident.

Get paperwork organized

Organize any of your expenditures and bills related to the car accident, whether they’ve been paid or you haven’t paid them yet. This will include anything from petrol receipts for going to the doctor and anything else that you may have had to pay for. You may even be able to include the cost for having your house cleaned because you are unable to do it.

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