south carolina social security disability

The South Carolina Social Security Disability Claims Process

For those who are or have become disabled due to a medical condition or injury, Social Security Disability Benefits can help make ends meet. SSD benefits are given to disabled individuals monthly for at least a year or until the individual can return to work. These benefits help to pay bills, rent, and purchase food and other necessities. If you are considering filing social security disability claim, contact a Greenville, South Carolina SSD attorney to begin the process.

Qualifications for SSD

Those applying for disability must first qualify for the benefits. First, the individual must be deemed unable to work due to the severity of the disability. In addition, the individual must have paid enough into SSD benefits. These are usually in the form of payroll deductions which have come out of each paycheck you have received. If you lack the work history necessary to receive benefits, you still may be granted SSD by proving you have limited assets and income.

Applying for SSD

In South Carolina, social security disability applications offer several options.

In order to ensure you fill out all the forms necessary, correctly, and in a timely manner, you may wish to first contact an attorney who has experience handling social security disability cases.

In the Event of Denial

Unfortunately, the percentage of qualified individuals denied SSD benefits has significantly increased over the past few years. About 75% of those that apply in South Carolina are initially denied SSD benefits. It is during the appeals process that many individuals finally secure the SSD benefits they deserve.

If you’re about to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits in Greenville, South Carolina or the surrounding areas, please contact the professional attorneys with The Clardy Law Firm. We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients through the SSD application process. We can help you make the most out of your social security claim and appeals, if necessary.