How To Win Your Social Security Disability Claim

A social security disability claim is available to help those who are unable to work but still need an income. Unfortunately, because of the amount of fraud that is present with this system, the courts take a close look at each individual to make a determination. In many cases, an initial social security disability claim may be denied, even if the individual truly qualifies. Don’t let that dissuade you from pursuing action, though! There are ways you can increase your chances of winning your case.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to help ensure your social security disability claim is handled properly.

Get Help From Your Doctor

Your doctor actually plays a significant role in the outcome of your social security disability claim. This means you need a lot of documentation from your doctor that proves your physical or mental inability to hold a job. Not only do you need a simple statement from your doctor naming your disability, you will need detailed records that include attempted treatment plans that did not help.

Seek Medical Treatment

Some individuals think they can be listed as unable to work without being under the treatment of a doctor. Even after the diagnosis, individuals should be working with a doctor to find a treatment that works. If you aren’t actively seeking medical treatment, you could be denied on this basis alone.

Review Any Denials

It isn’t uncommon for an individual to be denied the first time he or she makes a social security disability claim. If you have been denied already, go over the paperwork carefully so you can be sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. In this situation, it is important to talk to an experienced lawyer who can help. This lawyer will be able to go over your paperwork and help you build a stronger case for your appeal to increase your chances of approval.

If you need to file a social security disability claim, it is important to know what to expect. This type of claim can be complicated and often results in denial due to a failure to follow the right process. Working with an experienced lawyer will ensure you go through the proper procedure and have the right documentation to succeed.

When you need assistance with your social security disability claim, contact us. Our experienced lawyers can give you the assistance you need to improve your chances of approval.