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Safe Driving Tips that can Help You Avoid a Devastating Vehicle Accident

A vehicle accident can be devastating financially, emotionally, and physically. The importance of practicing safe, defensive driving can help to ensure you and your family stay safe when on the road. Here are a few safe driving tips to help you stay focused and avoid accidents around town or on the highway.

Make sure you fasten you seat belt.

Your seat belt is your first line of defense if an accident should occur. Though many cars are outfitted with other safety devices such as surrounding airbags, these devices are designed to work in conjunction with your seat belt restraints. Also always make sure passengers, especially young children, are using their seat belt as well.

Refrain from using your cell phone or other handheld devices while driving.

That call or text can wait. Distracted drivers accounted for over 10% of injury related accidents in the U.S last year. Distracted driving can include cell phone use, eating or drinking while driving, grooming, switching radio stations, etc.

Avoid driving when you are tired or upset.

If you are upset or tired you will not drive with the awareness or caution you would under normal circumstances. You must also be aware that certain medications can cause drowsiness. If you are on medication be sure to check with your pharmacist to make sure the medication does not inhibit ability to drive.

Be aware of your surroundings, especially in inclement weather.

Always be aware of what is around you especially when changing lanes. Know your vehicle’s blind spots and compensate. Inclement weather can make it more difficult to see obstacles or other drivers. Be especially aware of motorcyclists, some bikes can be harder to see than others.

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