Personal injury claims after distracted driving accident

Personal Injury Claims After Distracted Driving Accident

Personal injury claims sometimes arise out of accidents in which distracted driving is to blame. Distracted driving appears in many forms. In recent years, accidents caused by texting and cell phone use have further focused attention on the problem. Incidents of distracted driving have grown to the point that it is a major cause of accidents on the nation’s roadways.

Federal Report Cites Statistics

In a recent report, the NHTSA states that 10%t of all fatal crashes involved distracted driving. This figure translates into 3,154 fatalities across the United States for the most recent year.

Another 424,000 individuals suffered injury in accidents related to distracted driving. This number represented 18 percent of all traffic accidents with injuries.

The crash overview report combines the results of the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), the National Automotive Sampling System (NAS) and the General Estimates System (GES). To create a comprehensive look at the various reasons for traffic accidents in the United States.

Cell Phone Use

Data pertaining to cell phone use in distracted driving incidents was particularly illuminating. According to the federal report, cell phone use is the reason for distracted driving in accidents that collectively caused 445 fatalities. This number represented a 6.7 percent increase in such death, compared to the previous year.

The increase in injuries related to cell phone use was even more problematic, with 34,000 people injured in distracted driving wrecks involving cell phones. This figure represented a substantial 21 percent increase, year-over-year.

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