OSHA violations lead to workplace injuries

OSHA violations lead to workplace injuries

OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration), is a government agency whose main priority is ensuring standardized workplace health and safety. They determine what rights employees have to work safely and employers must adhere to certain guidelines to protect their employees from injury. OSHA violations are what typically lead to workplace injuries.

OSHA Standards

To ensure employee safety, workers are usually afforded these rights under federal law:

  • Proper training (in your native language)
  • Safe, working machinery (Equipment must be reliable and in good working condition. Unsafe controls need to be tagged and locked so that only employees who have been trained can operate the machinery)
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • An OSHA inspection of their workplace
  • Copies of workplace injury and illness logs
  • Copies of workplace hazard test logs

Most workplace injuries result because employers try to save money by cutting corners, refusing to fix or replace defective equipment. Another reason is that employers don’t provide the necessary training for their employees to perform their jobs safely.

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