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7 Questions: Should Hire A Local Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Unsure about whether or not to contact a local lawyer following your car accident? Don’t fret! Use these 10 questions to determine if seeking help from an experienced auto accident attorney is what you need for your case:

Was there an injury?

In order to obtain the most compensation, you’ll need to show that you’re suffering from an accident-related injury.

Did you need to seek medical attention following your accident?

You should seek medical attention following any car accident, even if you feel fine. You could potentially have serious internal injuries that may need immediate medical treatment.

Has your accident caused you to miss time from work?

If you miss time from work because of an injury or need to seek medical help, you may be able to get compensation for your lost wages. To recover this sort of compensation, you’ll likely need a local lawyer on your side.

Was there another vehicle?

A majority of auto accidents involve multiple vehicles. If another vehicle was involved in your accident, you hopefully at least exchanged drivers insurance information and attempted to take some photos of the the accident scene. If you were too shaken up to record this information, a local lawyer can help find the driver so he or she can be held responsible.

Are you in pain?

You may be able to seek compensation for “pain and suffering” in addition to your other financial and non-financial losses.

Has it been less than 2 years since the accident occurred?

There is a statute of limitations for 2 years for car accident claims. In order to avoid any confusion or issues, speak with a local lawyer as soon as possible. This will ensure your claim is taken care of in the required timeframe.

Are you battling against the insurance company?

While it might seem like the insurance adjusters assigned to help you with your car accident claim are on your side, the reality is more likely that they don’t have your best interests in mind. Insurance companies only care about one thing and that’s making sure they settle your claim for as little as possible.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, The Clardy Law Firm encourages you seek help from an experienced local car accident lawyer. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or to speak with a representative who can help answer your questions.

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