Driver Distraction: Avoid Picking Up The Phone

Driver Distraction: Avoid Picking Up The Phone

We have all heard the stories, watched news stories, and seen the commercials about putting our cell phones away to avoid driver distraction. Our main goal in the car should be to get to wherever we are going. However, when someone hears their text notification or the buzz of their phone, even some of the best of us can’t help but to pick up the phone. It has become natural for so many people. They all want to know who is calling or messaging them.

It’s Becoming Too Addictive 

It’s okay to want to know who is calling you. But you should not want to do this so badly that you have to pick up the phone while you are driving. Unfortunately, there are so many drivers who feel the need to reach for their phone. As much as we know about texting and driving, too many people choose to accept this driver distraction anyway.

Driver Distraction Poses An Even Greater Risk To Young Drivers 

Many young drivers who do not have a significant amount of experience in driving pose a higher risk of causing more accidents because of their inexperience. In spite of all the risks and dangers of texting and driving, many drivers will try to explain how they know how to do both at the same time. They may also try to explain how reading or sending a text message does not take a significant amount of time. For many people, it can only take about four or five seconds to read a text message.

Driver Distraction Can Lead To Significant Life-Changing Consequences

Any driver who lets distractions cause an accident can face significant penalties and lawsuits. The greatest penalty of these accidents can be knowing that someone’s life was ended because of one text message you just couldn’t wait to read. Do you really want to be the person that harms or even kills another because of your impatience? 

Just Stop.

You can stop yourself from looking at the phone if you can will yourself. It may be an instinct, but you should strongly consider the consequences that you may face. Would you rather say you have a habit of texting or driving or would you rather say you have a better habit of avoiding looking at your phone when you are driving?

If you’re itching to look at your phone, simply pull over to a safe area and stop to read your message or call back the person trying to get ahold of you. It’s really that simple.

Were You The Victim of Driver Distraction?

If you or anyone you love was injured because of a distracted driver, you can receive the help you need from a car accident lawyer.

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