A Reminder To Not Drink and Drive

A Reminder To Not Drink and Drive

It can be fun to go to a bar to drink with friends. Or to enjoy a few glasses of wine over at a friend’s house. Just remember: responsibility is the key. Are you someone who likes to enjoy a few drinks with friends on occasion? Here are a few things you should remember before you dare drink and drive.

Plan Ahead To Have a DD

If you know you’re going to be drinking make arrangements to have someone, who has not been drinking (obviously), drive you home. Download a ride share app to ensure you have a driver ready to pick you up at the end of the night when you’re ready to head home. Just two or three drinks can seriously impair your driving abilities. Even if you only plan to have one or two drinks, you may end up drinking more than anticipated.

Don’t Forget To Eat

Eating before you drink can also help, as your body will not absorb as much alcohol. Do not, though, use food as an excuse to drink more. If you are spending several hours at a gathering, drinking at the beginning of the activity (and limiting the amount you drink) can help your body better absorb the alcohol before you leave.

Wait it out

Only time can sober a person. Do not assume you are safe to drink and drive after taking a cold shower, drinking coffee, exercising, or doing something else which has been rumored to sober you up faster. These activities may make you think you are more alert, but you will not be able to drive safer.

Unfortunately, some people choose to continue to drive even after they have drank too much. If you or a family member was injured in an accident involving a drunk driver, contact us. A qualified DUI lawyer in Greenville, SC will discuss the specifics of your case with you.