Every year, about 500,000 trucking accidents occur in America. Truck accidents can be devastating as they entail large, heavy equipment, causing severe injuries. Staying safe on the roads and avoiding a truck accident, there are some tips on sharing the roadway with trucks.

Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents

Some truck accidents involve drivers being unaware of the capability of trucks. For example, they don’t know the limits linked with visibility, acceleration and braking.

Here are some tips for preventing truck accidents:

Don’t pass trucks on the right hand side.

In fact, in most areas, doing so is illegal. It’s dangerous because trucks usually have blind spots that can make it difficult to see full-sized vehicles. In other words, you should only pass trucks on the left side.

Avoid tailgating.

If a regular car rear ends a large truck it can be fatal if the car is caught underneath a truck’s bumper.

When driving in front of a truck, don’t slow down unnecessarily.

What’s more, avoid suddenly applying your brakes if you can. This is because trucks need more room to stop than cars do, and even if they stomp on the breaks, the weight alone will carry them a long distance. Leave a larger “safe zone” between you and the truck if possible.

Additional Considerations and Warnings

  • Don’t make it hard for trucks to pass you. Move over into another lane when a truck comes up behind your car. Your car can change lanes much easier than a truck can.
  • Never drive between large trucks.
  • Don’t merge incorrectly into traffic. Doing so can force a truck to brake or maneuver abruptly.
  • Don’t misjudge the speed of an approaching truck at an intersection, if in doubt assume they are closer rather than further away. That is the safest choice.
  • Always signal before passing a truck.
  • Avoid parking directly behind a truck. Although most truck drivers check behind their trucks before they back up, some do not. You don’t want to be front-ended when you return to your car.

If you or a loved one has a truck accident that is caused by the negligence of a trucker, a South Carolina truck accident lawyer can help you secure compensation for your losses. Be sure to contact us if you need legal help.

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