What An Auto Accident Attorney Keeps In His Car

Emergency items list – suggestions from an auto accident attorney

Accidents happen. When they do, you’ll want to be prepared. Here’s a list of things to keep in your car to help make car accidents a little less stressful.

  • Flashlight: Getting stuck in the middle of the night can be scary. A flashlight can help you identify the reason why your car won’t start. It can also help you assess any damage in the event of a collision with another vehicle.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: A good pair of shoes will come in handy when you need to walk somewhere to get help.
  • Tire inflation can: You can find this at most auto supply stores. If you have a flat and don’t have a spare tire (or don’t know how to change a spare), you can stick the nozzle of the can into the air valve of your vehicle tire. It will automatically seal any breaks and fills your tire just enough that you can drive a few miles to the a gas station, house, or auto shop.
  • Fire extinguisher: Car accidents can potentionally create a hazardous, flammable scene. Having a small, hand-held fire extinguisher is important to insure you stay safe in the worst situation.
  • Cellphone: Most of us carry our phones on us everywhere we go. It’s good to remember to have you phone with you when you’re going on long trips. It’s the most convenient way to call for help when you need it.

If you find yourself hurt after an accident, consider hiring an expert auto accident attorney. Contact The Clardy Law Firm to see if you have case.