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6 Tricks The Insurance Companies Use To Bamboozle

The general public often believes that insurance companies exist to help car accident victims when they need it. Unfortunately, the reality is that insurance companies are just like any other big business – they’re concerned about profitability moreso than their customers. Don’t assume the insurance company has your best interest at heart. They’re focused on cutting you a settlement check for the lowest amount you’ll accept, not actually overseeing that you get the compensation you deserve.

Here at The Clardy Firm, we take on insurance companies on a regular basis. That’s why we want to inform people of what to look out for so that the insurance companies don’t take advantage of them.

  1. The insurance adjuster states that he just want to get you a fair settlement

It’s not the job of an insurance adjuster to help you, they’re there to minimize or eliminate outgoing costs. They’re employed by the insurance company they’re working for so their career, salary, security, and future is dependent on how well they do their job for the company (not for you).

  1. Requesting a recorded statement about the car accident or access to your medical records

Insurance companies hope that by getting a recorded statement from you that they can catch you making a mistake. They want to hear you say something that will hurt your case. It’s actually surprising how many people fall for this tactic. Once made, this mistake is hard to overcome. They’ll take your words out of context, ask you loaded questions, and employ any other tricks they need to avoid paying.

Another route insurance adjusters take is to try and ask you to fill out a form releasing your medical records to them. Don’t sign anything given to you by an insurance company following your accident, until you’ve spoken with your attorney and given it significant consideration. The insurance companies may use your medical records to attempt to prove that your injuries are unrelated to your accident.

  1. Urging you to accept a quick settlement (before you have time to speak to a lawyer)

Insurance adjusters know that once you hire a lawyer, their jobs become much more difficult. Adjusters will take advantage of clients that don’t have legal representation. They’ll push for you to make a quick decision on a low settlement offer.

  1. Surveillance on you and your social media accounts (yep, they’ll “Facebook stalk” you)

The reality is whatever you post online is fair game to an investigator working against your case. Insurance companies will do just about anything to try and disprove your injuries.

  1. Intentional Delays

This is an old but incredibly effective trick. Insurance companies have the ability and resources available to drag out your case for a long time – sometimes years. They figure that if they delay paying out long enough, you’ll settle on a smaller amount just to get compensation to pay for medical bills and cover your lost wages.

  1. Fighting you over damages or medical expenses

Insurance adjusters are likely to contest the amount of money needed for your medical expenses. They’ll attempt to say that your treatment costs are unnecessary and that they shouldn’t have to pay for things like physical therapy or chiropractic care.

Don’t be bamboozled by the insurance companies! If you need help defending yourself and getting the compensation you rightfully deserve, contact The Clardy Law firm. Our experienced car accident attorneys are standing by to help injured victims win.