When do you need a workers’ comp lawyer?

When do you need a workers’ comp lawyer?

When do you need a workers’ comp lawyer?

Workplace injuries can occur anywhere at anytime. Injuries on the job can happen in construction sites, in the office, while operating a vehicle, and in a hospital. And other places where you might not suspect! When you find yourself a victim of a workplace accident, when should you consider consulting help from a workers’ comp lawyer?

The Answer

You should call a workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible following your injury. This includes injuries that may not necessarily require you to miss work. By calling an experienced attorney, such as one from The Clardy Law Firm, you will receive the help you need to get the compensation you deserve.

A workers’ comp lawyer can review the situation that resulted in your injury. He/she can help you determine the best actions to take to move forward with your claim. He/she can also aid you in understanding the rights you have and whether or not your injury can receive compensation under South Carolina’s workers comp laws.

What if you’ve already filed your claim on your own?

There’s still time to seek help from a professional, especially if you find yourself in over your head. Regardless of where you are in process of filing your claim, you may hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to help you improve your chances of receiving fair compensation. If your claim is denied, an attorney can assist you through the process to appeal.

Do you really need a lawyer?

The process to file a workers’ comp claim can be overwhelming and tedious. And many people are unprepared to handle the process alone. Especially when going against a party that may be aggressively trying to deny their claims. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will prepare your case so you that you can support your claim correctly. This includes collecting records, compiling testimonials from your doctor(s), and documenting the full extent of your injuries and the treatment you’ll need to heal from them.

If you’ve suffered from a work-related injury, you may be entitled to workers’ comp. Call The Clardy Law Firm today to schedule your consultation to learn more!