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The Top 3 Reasons Truck Driving Accidents Occur

When you travel down the highway, chances are you encounter a lot of large trucks. The trucking industry is one of the leading methods of transporting products from one part of the country to another. Unfortunately, these trucks are also responsible for a large number of truck driving accidents that require a trucking accident lawyer. There are several primary causes of these crashes.

Poor Driving Habits

Many truckers spend long hours on the road. Even though the DOT restricts the number of hours they can drive at any given time, they still have a lot of miles under their belts. If you think about the way you drive versus how you drove when you first received your license, there are likely many ways in which you have become a lazier driver. Truck drivers are no different. They often take part in unsafe driving habits, such as eating while driving, talking on cell phones and speeding. These activities can easily lead to accidents.

Unsafe Vehicles

Truck drivers are supposed to carefully inspect their loads and trucks whenever they stop. However, many drivers only check sometimes or may not even check at all in the interest of saving time on their trips. This can lead to an unbalanced load, a load that is not properly secured or mechanical problems with the truck. Any of these problems can cause the driver to lose control or drop some of the load on the roadway, posing a risk to other drivers.


Despite the DOT regulations, it isn’t unusual for truck drivers to get behind the wheel when they are tired. Even if they begin their journey refreshed, they could fall victim to the monotony of the road. A weary, unfocused driver is not a safe driver. Driving while tired (or even simply being bored) can lead to unsafe speeds, weaving and other issues that are common causes of accidents on the road.

Being extra careful around these large trucks is only a small piece to the puzzle. Sometimes you can become involved in one of these accidents despite taking all the right precautions. When you are injured in one of these accidents, you will need a trucking accidents lawyer to help you with your case.

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