Truck Accident Lawsuit

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Although any accident can be deadly, truck accidents are usually much more serious. Truck accidents are happening more often, especially in South Carolina, which is poorly ranked for safe roads. The larger the truck, the more serious the accident.

Hauling and transport trucks are massive, and due to their back-end load and size, they cannot stop by simply slamming on the brakes. If their load is unbalanced, they can jackknife, sweeping other vehicles off the road as they turn. Blown tires, improperly secured loads, and driver error are also common accident causes.

We’ve helped many victims of truck accident lawsuits so that they could focus on recovery. Since you must share the road with big rigs in South Carolina, we will discuss who is liable in a truck accident lawsuit and how to get the truck accident legal help you need.

At Fault vs. No Fault

At fault and no-fault are insurance terms that have a very large bearing on your truck accident lawsuit.

You may think that the driver who caused the accident is automatically at fault. That is not always the case. In the world of insurance, at fault means the person that caused the accident is liable for the property, vehicle, and personal injury damages. No fault, however, means that both drivers’ insurance companies pay for the damage.

No-fault insurance keeps claims moving faster through the system but is more expensive than at-fault insurance.

How do you know if your insurance is at fault or no fault? It depends on your state. A handful of states are no fault, but most – including South Carolina – are at-fault states. Therefore, in most circumstances, the driver that caused the accident is deemed to be at fault.

At-fault claims lay the financial burden on the perpetrator and the perpetrator’s insurance, which often leads to a truck accident lawsuit if the driver and his or her insurance company battle to avoid the claim.

As a truck accident victim, any misstep in your claim in an at-fault state could cheat you out of the compensation you deserve. The last thing that you need after a car accident is to be fighting the insurance company, waiting endlessly for compensation and drowning in legal and insurance terms when all you want to do is heal and get back on the road. Remember that in an at-fault state, you are relying on the other driver’s insurance or personal finances to compensate you. You do not have the luxury of your own vehicle insurance company giving you a payout.

Get truck accident legal help as quickly as possible after an accident. Many times, it takes a truck accident lawsuit to get you the compensation you need in a timely manner – and you can’t do this alone.

Why You Need Truck Accident Legal Help

Truck accidents are never straightforward. Proving fault – and the extent of that fault – is onerous. Was the driver intoxicated? Did the trucking company fail to maintain the vehicles properly? Were road conditions unfavorable? Was it a manufacturer equipment failure, such as a defective axle or tire? These and more questions need to be answered, and each answer affects your compensation.

After an accident, an insurance adjuster will follow up, but the offer insurance gives you is usually too low. Insurance is a business that relies on fast claim processing. Insurance companies also know that accident victims are more likely to take a fast cash settlement in order to take care of pressing financial obligations.

Stop! Think about all of your needs before accepting an offer.

Your truck accident, the damage to your vehicle or property, and your bodily damage deserve so much more than a rushed claim and low settlement. You deserve a proper and thorough investigation of the accident. You deserve enough compensation to cover your medical bills and time off work. If the driver, trucking company, or a parts manufacturer was negligent, they deserve punitive damages

You need truck accident legal help to get the compensation you need and deserve.

Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

Do not just call up the first lawyer you find when you need truck accident legal help. Your legal team must be prepared to deal with not only the truck driver, but also the truck driver’s company and their insurance agents. Call a lawyer that has years of experience in successfully executing truck accident lawsuits.

Your truck accident lawsuit means stepping back from the stress and letting professionals handle the messy details. Your lawyer fights for you and helps you navigate the complicated legal and insurance fallout that comes with the accident.

The Clardy Law Firm lawyers are experts in truck accident lawsuits. We do the following:

  • Provide a free review of your case, and if you have grounds, start your claim.
  • Empower you through every aspect of the claim. You are not alone in this!
  • Help with the stacks of paperwork, reviewing and advising so that mistakes do not cost you your valuable compensation.
  • Review the insurance settlement and determine if it is fair, or if a truck accident lawsuit will get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Battle the insurance company and hold them accountable.
  • Pursue legal action against the driver, driver’s company, or parts manufacturers if necessary.

You Are Worth It

When things are rough, and out of the blue you are hurt in a truck accident, life can seem very hopeless. It is not. There is hope.

The thought of a truck accident lawsuit can be daunting, but rest assured that fighting for your rights and the compensation you deserve is worth it. Why should someone else’s negligence have to impact your life? You are legally entitled to compensation – fair and timely compensation.

We know this compensation can be difficult to get. Insurance companies just want your claim out of the way. The driver or the driver’s company does not want to be held responsible. Manufacturers don’t want to recall expensive parts. These are big things, but the deck is not stacked against you. You can go up against the largest insurance firms and the biggest trucking companies when you have the right legal help.

You are worth that help, so we fight for you. When you engage the services of The Clardy Law Firm, you are instantly backed with experienced lawyers who put you and your well-being first.

Trucking accidents are very serious. That is why we have dedicated truck accident lawyers in Greenville, SC ready to give you the truck accident legal help you need. Call us today to get started.