Denied Workers Comp? Here’s What To Do About It

Filing a workers comp claim isn’t always the easiest process. You, as an injured employee, want full benefits to help you recover. At least enough to cover your injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to get your workers comp claim approved. If you’ve been denied workers comp, don’t worry – you still have options.

Dealing with a denied workers comp claim can be incredibly frustrating. If you’re not familiar with the laws and details that lead to denied workers comp, you may be unsure of how to continue in order to appeal the denial.

Luckily, even after you’re initially denied workers comp, you still do have the option to get an appeal and get approved for the compensation you deserve. If you’re struggling to get your claim approved, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Show up to your workers comp hearings

When fighting against a denied workers comp claim, you and your workers compensation lawyer will likely need to meet with your employer for mediation.

If you’re unable to attend a mediation with your employer, then you’ll need to attend a formal hearing. This is to get workers’ comp benefits from the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission. This meeting will allow you to talk with the insurers. It will also give you the opportunity to present evidence as to why you should receive benefits.

Find an experienced workers compensation attorney

It can be incredibly difficult to get workers comp benefits. You may do everything right in filing your claim and still get denied compensation. Luckily, you don’t have to fight back against the denial alone.

Get help from an experienced Greenville, SC workers’ compensation attorney, like one from The Clardy Law Firm. Most lawyers offer a free consultation so you can talk with the right lawyer to find a perfect fit for you and your individual case. Schedule your free consultation today. Our worker’s compensation attorneys can find out more about your case. We’ll find a solution to help you get past your denial so you can get the benefits you deserve.