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The Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Driving alongside commercial trucks can be daunting, especially knowing how dangerous it can be. There are many horrific stories about trucking accidents and the lives they claim. Most truck accidents are surprising caused by a number of similar circumstances and issues.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean driving over the speed limit. All drivers need to take extra precaution on the road. Just because there is a posted speed limit, that doesn’t mean that it’s always a safe speed. Many truckers end up speeding in the sense that they were traveling too fast for the road conditions.

Brake failure

Trucks are large and are often carrying heavy cargo. If the brakes fail, especially going down-hill, trucks can easily lose control – which can cause a major accident for any passenger vehicles around them. A majority of the most common causes of truck accidents were related to this issue.

Inexperienced truck drivers

Inexperienced drivers, especially those that have become lost or unsure of where they’re going, are more likely to make hasty, dangerous decisions as a result. Some drivers end up driving down down the wrong direction of a one-way street, may abruptly stop on merging ramps, or may too quickly change lanes in an attempt to make an exit. These rash decisions can be dangerous to other drivers.

Road Issues

Road construction and weather conditions can create hazardous road conditions that make it difficult for truckers to navigate safely. The truck driver is not always responsible for accidents that occur in these conditions but, combined with other factors, they still may be held liable for accidents resulting from their inability to react or avoid such dangers.


It’s no secret that truck drivers work long, grueling hours. Truckers are still required to take breaks and time off from driving. Sometimes, however, drivers may purposely fudge their hours of service and drive longer to get their shifts done faster, which can cause driver fatigue and accidents.

These issues typically arise alongside other major causes that aren’t included above. Yet, in many cases, the common causes of truck accidents can be pinpointed to the trucking company. What this means for victims of trucking accidents, is that they can sue the trucking company for pressuring their drivers into violating traffic laws or trucking regulations.

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