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Filing Claims For Injured Veterans, Civilian Employees, & Families

Military members, their families, and civilian employees stationed or working at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina consumed and bathed in water contaminated by a number of toxins.

Oil, wastewater, and toxic chemicals (including industrial-grade degreasers and solvents) were allegedly knowingly dumped into the local storm drains between the years of 1953-1987, contaminating the local water supply and affecting thousands of servicemembers, their families, and civilians. 


Anyone who worked or resided around Camp Lejeune for 30 days or more was put at risk. At this time, the known injuries are numerous and varied. Exposure to the toxins from the polluted water is believed to cause or lead to:

This is currently just a partial list of the conditions and diseases linked to the Camp Lejeune water poisoning. 

The victims of this incident include military heroes who were stationed at the base for work, families living within the base compound, and many other military personnel and civilian employees who worked in and around the base while being unknowingly exposed to its hazards.  

Though there are thousands of injury cases being reported, the total range and long-term effects of the Camp Lajeune water contamination are still under ongoing investigation. 



The Camp Lejeune Justice Act passed the senate and was recently signed into law by President Biden. What this means is that anyone who worked or resided at the Camp Lejeune base between the dates of August 1953 and December 1987, for at least 30 days, will be able to pursue legal action. 

Victims or their surviving family members may qualify to collect compensation for damages. 

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