5 More Questions To Ask Your Lawyer After Your Auto Accident

5 More Questions To Ask Your Lawyer After Your Auto Accident

Following an auto accident, it’s important to ask questions to your personal injury lawyer.  This helps your lawyer get a better feel for your case’s strength. These questions also help you get the most out of your recovery compensation. They also help your lawyer best guide you through your claims process. 

Can I still sue for my injuries in I don’t have insurance? 

Your lawyer can help prove if the other driver is at fault, determining whose insurer is responsible for compensation.  

What if I’m injured by a driver who doesn’t have insurance? 

All motorists are required to carry insurance, but there are some people who don’t have it. Even if the at fault driver doesn’t have insurance, he/she is still responsible for your damages. A lawyer at The Clardy Law Firm can help you figure out all of your options if this is the case.  

The car insurance company’s lawyer claims my injury was preexisting. How can I prove it wasn’t? 

If the auto accident causes a preexisting condition to become worse, you can still secure compensation. Your Greenville Auto Accident Lawyers can help you provide the right documentation.  

What if the driver who hit me was drinking? 

Talking about this with your lawyer is incredibly important. If law enforcement can prove that the at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the auto accident, there will most likely be criminal charges against the driver, along with civil liability. Your lawyer can use evidence of intoxication to help determine that the other driver was at fault and that you deserve liability for your damages.  

The auto accident was the other drivers fault. Can I settle it myself without help from a lawyer? 

You’re not required to hire a lawyer. If you were injured, we suggest working with a lawyer to make sure you receive the best and fairest settlement.  

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