Working with Your Social Security Lawyer: Dealing Successfully with Appeals After Being Denied SSDI

social security claim denied stampThose who’ve experienced a personal injury from a car accident and need to acquire disability benefits from Social Security (SSDI) may be disappointed at the initial response. That’s because Social Security may very well turn you down for these benefits considering most initial claims have a high percentage of rejection. Once this happens, you shouldn’t feel frustrated, because it’s only the first step along an appeals process that can only be helped with an experienced social security lawyer.

No matter your self-knowledge of law, you should never take on the appeals process alone when dealing with Social Security. Here at The Clardy Law Firm, we have extensive experience dealing with these appeals and how they work. The entire process might seem drawn-out and lengthy, yet it’s necessary to get the benefits you deserve, especially if you can’t work due to a disability as the result of your car accident.

The First Appeals Stage

We’ll first help you with the re-consideration stage where you re-apply using more compelling evidence of your disability. This may involve a new medical examination that we’ll arrange so you can show thorough evidence that you’re unable to work due to disability. In many cases, this is enough to convince Social Security you’re entitled to benefits. However, there’s still the possibility they’ll turn you down if the medical evidence wasn’t enough for them. Some disabilities from car accidents are more complex and may sound too vague when written on paper.

If another rejection occurs, we’ll prepare you for the next stage to appear before an administrative judge.

Holding a Hearing with an Administrative Judge

You’ll have to appear before a judge here in Greenville, SC in order to go through the administrative appeals process. These aren’t overly complicated, though you have to answer questions from the judge and possibly others who will evaluate your capability to function in a job. We’ll be there with you during the hearing and will coach you on how to effectively answer the questions so there isn’t any ambiguity on the reality of your condition.

Further Appeals

While the above appeal works for many, there may still be a rejection. As frustrating as that might be, we’ll keep fighting on until you receive the benefits you deserve. This means going through the Appeals Council here in South Carolina if necessary. We will work on every angle we can to ensure you get the most out of your Social Security Disability claim.

Keep in mind some cases can be sped up under certain circumstances. If it’s determined that your car accident injuries are more than evident and that you can’t make basic living expenses as the result of being unable to work, things may be expedited. These are often called Rocket Docket cases, though you shouldn’t expect it due to their rarity. However, if your situation is appropriate, this is another option we may pursue.

Contact us here at The Clardy Law Firm where we’ll fight every step of the way toward you obtaining the SSDI that you need in order to live. Never let the rejection of a government agency discourage you when it’s always just the first step in a complex legal process.

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