Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Advice: What Kind Of Questions Should You Ask?

If you think you are not receiving all the compensation you deserve after a workplace injury or accident, you should start looking for a workers’ compensation lawyer. You will find that many workers’ compensation lawyers will give you an initial consultation at no cost. At the initial consultation, you will receive information about what chances you have to get more money from the employer.

Before your initial consultation, you should be prepared to bring your medical bills and any reports that are relevant to the injuries you sustained on the job. You should also bring any photos that you have. You should also create a list of any questions you will want to ask the lawyer. We have put together a few suggestions of questions you may want to ask.


hammer 802302 1280 300x225 Workers Compensation Lawyer Advice: What Kind Of Questions Should You Ask?How long have you been helping people with workers’ compensation claims?

Do you handle any other cases? Is the majority of your time dedicated to workers’ compensation cases?

Do you have a high success rate?

Are you always aware of the updates to workers’ compensation laws?

Have you previously represented a client who had a case similar to mine?


You should consider asking these questions that will give you some insight on your case:

What is your estimate on how long the claim will take? Do you think the insurance company will settle quickly?

What areas of the claim do you think are the strongest? Do you see any weaknesses in the claim?

Employees never imagine going into work and suffering a work-related injury, but we all know that accidents happen all the time. If you are ever injured at work, you should know what you need to do. After you have been treated medically, you will need to find a lawyer who will have the experience and time to represent you. Contact us today for a consultation.

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