When Workers Compensation is Not Enough

There are times when workers compensation is not enough. It was developed to help compensate workers in the event of an accident, injury, or illness caused by a work-related situation.

Many times, it is sufficient to provide monies to take care of what is lacking due to a work-related injury. But, in those times when it is not enough, or when you are out of work for an extended period of time, what do you do then?

Personal injury attorneys play a role in this when the situation calls for a higher payoff in order to survive during the time you are out of work or suffer from high medical expenses not covered by insurance, or other expenses.

How do you know that you may need additional help:

-When your compensation at work does not cover your expenses

-When you will be or have been out of work for a long time

-Loss of wages due to the injury that surpass the compensation you received

-When your place of work will not cover everything

-When your financial status is threatened due to the injuries or problem caused by the accident

-When someone was negligent in your workplace which caused the injury or the injury or accident was caused by a ‘failure to warn.’

-When medical bills run into extended expenses your insurance will not cover

-Any situation which causes extreme financial strain due to no fault of your own

When your situation requires more help than your compensation gives you, and the accident was not something you could have avoided, you may have a case which a personal injury attorney can help with. Experienced attorneys know the law and they can advise you on what you may be entitled to regarding your personal injury case.

Your personal injury lawyers in Greenville, SC are at the Clardy Law Firm. We understand the problems involved in loss of wages, severe injury, and other problems which workers compensation will not cover. You don’t have time to waste when you are in need of money to make ends meet.

So if you’ve had an accident or injury that has created financial issues for you, contact us.

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