Workers’ Compensation Claims: Information on Your Rights

workers' compensation

You’ve been injured on the job. Right now you are probably confused and worried about the future. But information regarding workers’ compensation claims can help ease your mind.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that compensates employees for their work-related injuries. If you’ve suffered an accident at the workplace, you might be entitled to financial compensation from your employer.

It isn’t about negligence

The common assumption is that these types of claims will need to rule out whether or not the injured party was negligent during the incident, or prove negligence on part of the employer. This is simply not true. Your negligence will not affect the amount of compensation you receive. However, if you consumed alcohol or drugs, this will negatively impact your case.

Your situation is unique

The number of work hours your employer compensates you for will depend on your specific situation. For instance, if you are receiving disability benefits, then the amount of money given to you by your employer will be significantly less than if you weren’t receiving disability benefits. Also, if you are injured but capable of returning to the job and taking on light duties, workers’ compensation benefits merely make up the difference of lost work time.

Getting paid

If your employer’s insurer believes that the injury was work related, then you will be awarded benefits. But if the claim is contested, that means that payments won’t be sent out until the judge orders that your injury or illness was related to your place of work and compensation is due.

Medical benefits

You will undoubtedly have medical expenses because of your injury. Keep in mind that if your worker’s compensation claim is approved, any expenses will be covered.

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