Was the truck driver at fault for a crash? Contact South Carolina trucking accidents lawyer

Have you suffered a motor vehicle accident involving a large truck? If so, you’re one of thousands of people who experience truck accidents every year – people who are often left with serious financial and emotional costs in the aftermath.

According to data reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012 nearly 4000 people died and 104,000 suffered injuries from large truck accidents. That year, hundreds of thousands of trucks were involved in motor vehicle collisions.

Truck drivers aren’t always the negligent party during a crash. They might suffer from other drivers’ negligent behavior on the road. But what are some of the ways in which a truck driver might contribute to a collision?

One example comes from a recent accident on the I-20 involving two tractor-trailers and a van that had been driving between them. According to the local news, when the first tractor-trailer and the van needed to slow down due to traffic up ahead on the road, the second tractor-trailer coming up from behind apparently couldn’t stop in time; the driver subsequently received a charge of driving too quickly for the existing road conditions. As for the van’s driver, his vehicle got knocked off the road during the crash, and he sustained injuries.

In addition to driving too quickly, other negligent or illegal behaviors include the following:

  • Driving without a proper commercial license.
  • Falsifying trucking logs to try to cover up that the driver has been out on the road for too many consecutive hours.
  • Various traffic law violations, including driving while intoxicated.
  • Driving while fatigued.

In addition to scrutinizing the truck driver’s behavior, it’s important to also look at his or her employer. Through negligent practices, the companies that employ truck drivers might have increased the risk of an accident.

In the aftermath of a collision involving a large truck, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Greenville, SC trucking accidents lawyer. Your lawyer can help you figure out ways to deal with the potentially steep costs of a trucking accident.

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