Trucking Accidents Lawyer: Semi To Blame For Six-Vehicle Accident That Injured Tracy Morgan

Actor and Comedian Tracy MorganAs Greenville residents may have heard, actor Tracy Morgan was among the multiple people injured in a six-vehicle accident earlier this month.

Details of the accident have not been finalized, but authorities now think this may have been a truck accident.

To recap: Morgan (who starred in “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock”) was aboard a “limo bus” on his way back from a comedy performance at a Delaware casino early the morning of Saturday, June 7, when his limo bus was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer. The driver of that semi, it was later learned, had been awake for more than 24 hours, which is specifically prohibited by laws governing long-distance trucking.

The collision between the big rig and the limo bus entangled several other cars. Ultimately, at least five people were injured. Morgan himself suffered a leg injury so severe that he may yet have to have his limb removed. A 63-year-old man aboard Morgan’s bus was killed.

The driver of the truck that apparently struck Morgan’s bus is likely to face charges. As far as has been reported to date, he did not suffer a serious injury in the accident.

This story is a perfectly horrifying example of how devastating truck accidents can be. Because trucks are so large and travel so fast, they can wreak havoc in the mere blink of an eye. If the driver of the truck had been violating laws regarding proper sleep, the added recklessness and negligence would make this case even more unsettling. Drivers, by law, have a responsibility to operate their vehicles in a safe manner and staying on the road, awake for over 24 hours would certainly demonstrate a lack of care that could result in serious legal action against the driver and his employers.

If you are ever hurt by an 18-wheeler, you should do yourself a favor and investigate whether you have any legal options. It would be a mistake to think there is nothing you can do about the harm that has befallen you. Laws regarding trucking and motor vehicle accidents can seem intricate, but our truck accident lawyers have years of experience helping victims receive their due compensation.

If you think you need to speak to a trucking accident lawyer, please know you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to speak with you about your case, and lay out options of how to proceed.

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