‘Tis The Season For Deer Collisions

Deer-related car accidents are most common between the months of October and January—this is also the time when deer migrate and mate. “They’re most active at dusk and dawn, from 5 PM to midnight and 5 AM to 8 AM,” says Ohio Insurance Institute spokesman Mitch Wilson. Coincidentally, these are also peak driving times.

While it is not common to hit a deer inside Greenville, SC, it is a definite risk outside city limits. State Farm Insurance ranks South Carolina as 10th highest for deer-related car accidents. This means the odds of hitting an animal are about 1 in 93.

The Insurance Information Institute offers a few tips for avoiding these collisions:

Be very cautious during peak deer activity. Specifically in areas with deer-crossing zones or in densely forested locations. It is likely that you will encounter more than one deer, as they tend to migrate together.

If you see a deer, slow down and honk your horn with one blast to drive it away. The sound will also warn its companions.

When it’s dark, rely on your high-beam headlights when no other cars are approaching. The deer’s eyes will shine brightly, making it more visible.

If you hit an animal, do not touch it. Instead, turn your yield lights on, move your car off the road, and call the police.

You may have cause for compensation if any of the following are true to your specific situation:

If you are hit by another car attempting to avoid a collision with an animal.

If warning signs were not visible or lacked in the area completely.

If your insurance company denies you coverage.

In any of these situations, the best thing to do is contact us. As car accident lawyers, we can review your case and fight for your rights.


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