Struck By A Belligerent Driver?: Let Our Expert Team Of Personal Injury Lawyers Help Immediately

     Lifting your bike out of the back of the garage, you quickly pump up its tires and spray a little oil on the chain.  After a long week at the office, you decide that it is finally time to enjoy this nice weather by biking one of your favorite trails.  Safely securing your bike to the car rack, you swiftly climb into the driver’s seat, buckle up, and reverse out of the driveway.

     Fifteen minutes later and you are nearing your destination.  Switching on your blinker, you slow down your vehicle and turn off of Cleveland Park Drive into a busy parking lot.  Driving slowly, being mindful of the many pedestrians walking along the pavement, you fortuitously discover a spot close to the trail.

     “Everyone must have had the same idea,” you smile to yourself, while pulling into the space.

     Stepping out into blue skies, you slowly walk along the white line of the parking space to the side of your vehicle.  Detaching your bike from the top of your car, you carefully lift it down onto the
pavement and venture closer to the trail.

     Suddenly, without looking, a driver only a few cars down from your own speedily reverses out of their parking space.  With no time to react, your head turns just in time to see the back of their vehicle racing ever closer to your position.  Smash!  Unable to leap out-of-the-way, the back bumper of the oncoming automobile crashing into the side of your left knee.

     Falling to the ground, a screaming pain spasms throughout the side of your leg.  Even worse, the belligerent driver bursts from their car screaming at you for jumping out in front of them.  As a group of Good Samaritans rush to your aid, one of them quickly takes out their phone and dials emergency services.  Not only will you not be able to enjoy such a nice day by biking one of your favorite trails, but you now realize that you will be spending at least the next several days in the hospital.

     Does this story sound similar to a personal experience of your own?  Have you recently been struck by an incompetent driver?  If so, then let our expert team of personal injury lawyers at The Clardy Law Firm help get you the compensation that you deserve.  Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to review your case.

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