South Carolina car accident lawyer hopes that new law will lower rate of DUI crashes

SC_State_House_at_eveningA new DUI law in South Carolina will expand on the use of ignition interlock devices among people convicted of driving under the influence (DUI).

The purpose of ignition interlock devices, which are installed in vehicles, is to prevent drivers from starting up the engine if the device detects alcohol consumption. At present, drivers required to use ignition interlock devices have multiple DUI convictions. If the current bill becomes law, ignition interlock devices will also be required for anyone convicted of a DUI involving a blood alcohol content of at least .15; they would need to have this device in their vehicle for six months.

The current law is just one effort to address the serious problem of DUI; the bill was inspired by the death of a young girl in a 2012 DUI crash. Recent data from South Carolina show that about 68% of DUI incidents involve a blood alcohol content of .15 or more, and that approximately 38% of all driving fatalities involve a driver impaired by alcohol.

What can you do if you’re involved in a DUI-related crash?

Hopefully this law will reduce the rates of DUI-related crashes on the road. But if you do experience a crash caused by DUI, what can you do to cope in the aftermath?

The victims of alcohol-impaired drivers face not only the possibility of death, but also the risk of serious injuries. Through no fault of their own, they may find themselves struggling with permanent injuries, soaring medical bills, a derailed career or lost job, and emotional trauma. In addition to facing penalties handed out by the criminal justice system, an alcohol-impaired driver may also be sued in civil court. This is one way for their victims to reclaim some of what they’ve lost and better cope with the financial burden of the accident.

If you have suffered from a DUI crash, be sure to contact reputable a reputable South Carolina car accident lawyer to discuss your case. While new legislation may bring down the rate of DUI accidents in South Carolina, such legal penalties won’t give you the compensation you may require after an accident. We can give you legal advice and advocate for you as you deal with insurance companies and with a lawsuit against a drunk driver.

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