Social Security Lawyer Advice: Don’t Let Social Media Harm Your Disability Claim

When you file a claim for social security disability benefits, you should always be aware of the things you make public. If you are using Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and any other social networking website, you should be aware that whoever is responsible for making a decision on your social security disability case could possibly see everything you post. The person who will make a decision on your claim will not know much about you, so some of the things you post can hurt your disability claim.

When your profile is public and you post things about yourself and others, how do you think someone who does not know you will feel about you when they read your statuses and look at your pictures. If you do have a disability, the things you post should remain consistent with that disability.

online-942410_1280Even if the Social Security Administration is prohibited from searching the internet and social media websites for evidence in disability claims, you should still be attentive to the things you post on social media.

We are not condoning any fraudulent activity on the system, but we do understand how things can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. A small misunderstanding can seriously hurt your disability claim.

If you want to know what information about you is available online, you can perform a Google or Yahoo search for yourself. If you find anything on your social media pages that you think could be misinterpreted, you should probably delete it. You may not think it happens, but friends and family members report things they think are inappropriate, especially if they know you are committing fraud.

Social media is available for us to enjoy it, and that is what we should do. Yes, it can be fun to post things and chat with our family members and friends, but we should all think before we post a status or a picture. It may even be wise for many of us to adjust our privacy settings before posting anything.

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